Communication Matters

Communication Matters

Communication Matters will summarize what many agree are the most important principles of good interpersonal communication, and to describe these principles in ways that make them easier to remember, easier to adopt and easier to weave together.

Living and working with others are communication-intensive activities. This workshop adopts a more co-operative style of communication by discussing how to:

  • Listen more carefully and responsively
  • Explain your conversational intent and invite consent
  • Express yourself more clearly and completely
  • Translate complaints and criticisms into requests
  • Ask questions more open-endedly and more creatively
  • Express more appreciation
  • Adopt a continuous learning approach
On application

1pm – 4pm

$100pp or 2ppl for $170

$150pp or 2ppl for $250 (Limited to 2 people; extended 1 hour session with Gail; a glass of wine/juice and cheese platter)

Maximum number:
12 people (individualised and personal)

Certificate of Achievement will be presented to the participant upon completion.

Light refreshments, tea, coffee, water, mints and workbooks are provided.

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