Terms and Conditions


A booking form must be completed to make your booking. Tentative bookings will be held for seven (7) days only. If there is another party interested in the booked date & time, you will be contacted for a decision. Tentative bookings must be confirmed within seven (7) days, by way of a deposit, otherwise the booking will be cancelled & CC Retreat made available for re-hire. If contact cannot be made with the potential client, we have the right to terminate tentative bookings.


A 50% deposit is required to confirm your booking. A 20% surcharge applies to CC Retreat hire & catering fees for a function booked on a Saturday night, Sunday and applies to all bookings on a Public Holiday.


Notification of cancellation must be made via written letter or email. As the CC Retreat may not be able to be re-booked after a cancellation, the following conditions apply.

  • Notification of cancellation up until four (4) months of the scheduled date – full refund of deposit.
  • Notification of cancellation between one (1) & four (4) months prior to the scheduled date – 50% refund of deposit.
  • Notification of cancellation within one (1) month of the scheduled date – no refund of deposit.
  • A month is based on four (4) calendar weeks.

Catering details are required one (1) week prior to the function. Confirmed numbers & full payment of account for catering and beverages is required four (4) days prior to your function. Charges will be based on this confirmed number. Should you require special meals, please notify us prior to your function. As you can appreciate there are now several types of meal requirements & these cannot be produced on demand unless specifically ordered prior to your function. We require four (4) days notice for ALL special dietary requests.

Please advise of your beverage requirements one (1) week prior to your function. A RSA certificate is required by the person serving any alcohol at CC Retreat. Photo identification may be requested to provide evidence of age. Fines are also in place for people who buy or supply minors with liquor. We are required by law to refuse liquor service if the person is under 18 years of age or unduly intoxicated, &/or creating a disturbance. For further information, please visit www.liquor.qld.gov.au

Please note that the organisers are financially responsible for any damages to the property/equipment during the function. We will take all necessary care, but will not accept responsibility for damage or loss of any client’s property in CC Retreat before, during or after your function. Any breakages, loss or damage to equipment or facilities will be charged to the client responsible for the function.

The Applicant agrees to release and indemnify and keep indemnified CC Retreat (CC Education & Business Services or Dr Gail Crossley-Craven) from and against any and all injuries actions claims losses damages costs penalties and expenses of whatsoever kind and nature (whether arising under contract tort or statute) arising from or out of the use of the Facilities by the Applicant or its servant, agents or invitees.

The Applicant must provide and maintain a public and products liability insurance policy during the term of this Agreement .

General & normal cleaning is included in the cost of the CC Retreat hire charge, but additional charges may be payable if the function has created cleaning needs above & beyond normal cleaning.

The client making the booking is responsible to conduct the event in an orderly manner. We reserve the right to intervene if an event’s activities are considered illegal, noisy or offensive.

Likewise, bookings may be denied or cancelled should the function cast CC Retreat in a negative light.

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