Wine Appreciation & Tasting Matters

Wine Appreciation & Tasting Matters

Don’t let the wine list in restaurants leave you confused by learning how to choose the proper wine for all situations.

Knowing how to choose the proper wine for any situation will serve you well in your life. If you want to impress someone on your first date, make your dinner party as seamless as possible, or even recommend the perfect wine to pair with your customer’s meal, knowledge of wine appreciation is invaluable. Don’t let yourself continue to shrink away when the subject of wine comes up.

Take away the fear and stigma for learning more about wine and use our course to learn:

  • how wine is made, from planting the seed to cultivating the grape to refining it into wine.
  • how different varieties of wine are created and what makes each of them different.
  • how to participate in a wine tasting as an expert.
  • what to look for in a wine you are tasting.
  • how to properly store your wine (no matter the variety).
  • how to choose the proper wine for every occasion.
On application


$80pp or 2ppl for $120

Maximum number:
12 people (individualised and personal)

Certificate of Achievement will be presented to the participant upon completion.

Wine/tea/coffee, light refreshments and workbooks will be provided.

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